In the context of the third safety reassessment of Fessenheim, the consortium NUVIA Structure / CBN has been commissioned to design and build a mechanical protection containment structure in order to limit releases from the vents from the PTR tank into the environment in case of accident.


  • Identification of the site constraints and customer requirements
  • Surveys and 3D modelling of the environment
  • Design and sizing of the structure (22 micro piles 10 to 25m deep, reinforced concrete, stub 1m thick, walls height: 2 m, 60 cm thick; metal frame: 13.5m x 14.5m x 20m high)
  • Construction methods
  • Management of subcontractors

Project challenges

  • Resistance of the structure to earthquakes: 2 times DBE, explosion: 5 kPa, extreme wind: 84 m/s
  • Very congested environment
  • Handling over the PTR tank forbidden (safety requirement related to the non-aggression of the PTR tank in case of rupture of the speader or slangs during handling operations)
  • Deadlines

Technical solutions implemented

  • Project management
  • Structure and environment modelled with SolidWorks
  • 3D modelling of the reinforcement
  • Creation of digital technical file


Country: FRANCE
Site: Fessenheim
Units 1 & 2
Building: PTR tank


Client: EDF CIPN
Commissioning body: EDF CIPN
General contracting: GMES NUVIA STRUCTURE / CBN


Dates: 10/2011 up to 12/2014


PTR tank