Protection of external cable trays of the PTR building protection cover. Similar installation on all French 900 MW sites since the 1990s.


  • Studies and design
  • Qualification
  • Fabrication and installation onsite

Project challenges

  • Cable tray functional protection is a key safety issue against fire hazards. Protection must be leak-tight and resistant to adverse weather
  • Difficult access
  • Outdoor work at height
  • Surface covered: 15 to 20 m² per site

Technical solutions implemented

  • Implementation of a flexible protection NuMPF 5110F offering fire barrier properties up to 90 minutes. The system is completely covered with a leak-tight weave using silicone glue (NuCOAT 3310I)
  • The system is watertight and airtight, easily decontaminated, resistant to radiations, waterproof, resistant to aggressive liquids and artificial aging


Country: FRANCE
Site: Cruas NPP


Client: EDF
General contractor: NUVIA Protection