The prevention of seismic risks in the nuclear industry demands further safety margins. They are constantly reviewed due to the updating of load spectra and the constant evolution of standards, regulations, rules and calculation methods. Our teams bring advice on seismic risk analysis and define a strategy on technical strengthening strategy up to the implementation of compliance work.

Our solutions address the earliest stages of new build design and also existing facilities.

From the concept of a project up to plant operation, or within a project of plant life extension, the services we provide span across all the phases of plant life.

Initial design: studies of original drawings and initial design calculations, identification of ultimate state limits and potential margins, preliminary study, final design, safety case studies.

Site diagnostics: control of structures “as built”, characterisation of the structure ageing.

Normative analysis of seismic impact: seismic design spectrum, material behaviour laws, loading combinations and weighting loads.

Numerical seismic impact analysis: soil-structure interactions, modelling, modal/spectral analysis, complex dynamic analysis such as strains and displacements.

Seismic reinforcement assessment studies: feasibility and case studies, dynamic soil-structure interaction.

Equipment assessment: analysis of retaining structures, dynamic or static analysis, civil works anchoring reinforcement.

Reinforcement works: detail of the design, development and qualification of processes, products or specific tools, analysis of operating constraints, development of intervention methods.